Our programs are based in practical real-world experience and application. We have designed effective management systems that not only comply with all current OSHA regulations, but Programs that can help you improve your operational efficiency.  Simplified compliance without the hassle. After all, you are not in business to fill out OSHA paperwork.

All of our compliance and training programs surpass the performance requirements of OSHA regulations.

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Lance Paris
CEO / Founder

With over 30 years of experience with OSHA, no one has more knowledge of safety compliance. Lance was on the original committee that wrote the CAL/OSHA law.

Inez Drummond

Numbers whiz Inez Drummond was also a founding member of BBPG, Inc.

Keith Heavenridge

A digital nerd, Keith brings over 25 years of business management, technology and marketing experience to our company.

Jennifer Perry
VP Sales

Jennifer adds over 20 years corporate sales experience to our team.